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Experts in custom-made ocular prostheses

We are a specialized center in the manufacture and adaptation of Ocular Prostheses and Facial Epitheses to measure. These are designed to restore balance and symmetry to both the face and the gaze after the loss of the eyeball.

The personal experience of the founder of OCULAR lab, the first wearer/manufacturer of prostheses in Europe, and the advanced technology in the manufacture of prostheses and personalized support throughout the process, are the values that best represent us and for which many patients of around the world have chosen to be treated at our center.

A special case, with worldwide impact, was young Venezuelan Rufo Chacón who lost both eyes in a demonstration and was successfully treated in our clinic, thus improving his quality of life.

Custom-made prosthesis with the latest technology.
Custom-made prosthesis with the latest technology.

After years of research we have developed a new manufacturing method with the latest technologies, 3D design and the highest quality materials. The result is our custom patented prosthetics. A fully aesthetic and realistic solution, but above all, comfortable for the wearer, with great adaptability and mobility.

Psychological support and physical rehabilitation
Psychological support and physical rehabilitation

Our commitment to people goes beyond prosthetics, and that is why at OCULAR lab we offer a personal psychological support service to regain your confidence and self-esteem in any environment.

Guaranteed by health authorities
Guaranteed by health authorities

We are an accredited and registered center by the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the license number FMO340CAT for the manufacture and adaptation of custom-made Ocular prostheses and facial epitheses.

Miquel Salinas

Founder of OCULAR Lab

It is our founder´s own experience, the first wearer of the OCULAR lab ocular prostheses, that offers our best guarantee in the search for excellence. Due to the problems from wearing a bad prosthesis for years, he visited the most recognized Doctors and Ocularists in the world, and finally, not finding a valid solution, he decided to create his own.

This is how OCULAR lab, was born, thanks to the perseverance of a wearer who knows better than anyone the needs and demands of our patients. Because of having experienced them personally.

Our premises

OCULAR lab was born in conjunction with our family physical rehabilitation practice, founded in 1968, a fact that guarantees you full support and close treatment based on experience and quality.

Our patients say

I am very grateful to you, Dr. Miguel Salinas and to your team, for your efficiency, kindness and good work. At all times you made me feel at home, both my husband and I. Needless to say, I am satisfied with the results of your work.

Francisco Gil

More than perfect ... from the beginning to the end of having the prosthesis ready ...
We were welcomed by angels who treated us like their family and with lots of affection that we really needed when we were looking for a prosthesis!!

Carmen Veronica Ruz

A great specialist and great people, for his great dedication to those affected, his understanding and his incredible work.
We could not have chosen a better clinic!! I felt at home😃😁😁

Maica Burrea

I’m very happy with the work done by OcularLab. The service, the attention, the kindness and the dedication when doing the job was the best and is highly recommended.

Maria Fernanda León